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Business Partners

Working together for mutual benefit and success

Business partnerships are an important and strategic way of developing new products and services, and offering them to our customers in a professional manner.

Our key criteria for a successful business relationship can be summed up as follows:

  • Three parties must benefit – our customers, our business partner and TRESCON.
  • New products or services should be created as a result of working together.
  • The shared radius of activity is extended (Austria, TRESCON Group countries, worldwide).
  • Business partnerships are underpinned by a high level of trust and a profound understanding of the joint undertaking.
  • The partnership is set up for the long term.
  • All parties are spurred on and inspired by enjoyment of our shared success.


With this cool employee survey tool, companies and organizations benefit in business development and change processes - we help with implementation and development work.


Through our partnerships, we offer our clients the opportunity to fully meet their HR needs in terms of psychodiagnostics, assessment and employee development. The company offers classic and virtual AC / DC tools, 360-degree feedback systems, top psychodiagnostic tools, competency models, training programs and coaching.


Thanks to our cooperation with SCREENING SOLUTIONS Slovakia, we are able to offer our clients additional pre-screening services for important applicants. The company operates in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Would you like to become a TRESCON business partner? Don't hesitate to share your ideas with us!