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Mag. Andreas Sogerer

Internationality is important to the success of many of the companies we deal with. At TRESCON, we guarantee the same quality of care over the appointment of managers abroad as you would expect at home.

Mag. Andreas Sogerer
Representative TRESCON Slovakia in Austria
Bc. Karolína Gyenesová

Internationality enriches our methods by the latest recruiting trends in diverse business sectors.

Bc. Karolína Gyenesová
HR consultant
Nikola Zahradníková
Mgr. Jitka Jarošová

TRESCON combines a professional, sensitive and innovative approach - three pillars guaranteeing the selection of the most suitable candidates for a variety of positions.

Mgr. Jitka Jarošová
Managing director TRESCON Czech republic
Michal Samuelčík

Our customers benefit from the fact that we integrate new tools into our daily work and combine them with our usual practices – this helps us achieve the best possible results.

Michal Samuelčík
Sourcing Expert
Ing. Katarína Radu

TRESCON builds on professionalism, years of experience and accuracy by selecting suitable candidates. Our reward is the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.

Ing. Katarína Radu
Branch manager Slovakia
Ivana Bartošová
Back Office