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Getting great results that work for you

We are happy to explain why we see ourselves as process experts rather than as experts in our sector. It's not because we lack expertise in our field (see References), but because our extremely high process competence enables us to offer customers significant benefits compared to competitors who focus primarily on sectors or functions.

We don't just regard ourselves as being recruitment service providers who successfully implement specific requests according to customer requirements. Depending on the task, objective and situation, we apply processes and methods of expert consultation in order to achieve the best and most suitable result.

  • In our role as technical consultants, we present subjects factually, make specific suggestions as to possible solutions and provide feedback on situations and personnel (for example on recruitment).

This methodology demands that all members of our team meet the highest quality standards, which applies particularly to our consultants and teams of specialists. Essential competence criteria for TRESCON consultants include many years of professional experience, formal higher education qualifications, and ongoing professional and personal development.

We continuously develop our processes through internal quality and information update workshops and combine them with external specialist expertise.

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