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Personnel selection

Making the right personnel decisions

The selection of the right personnel can make a huge contribution to the success of a business, whereas the wrong choice can have expensive consequences. The use of professional selection and assessment methods increases the chance of success and reduces risk.

Our thorough and innovative search methods enable us to attract the right people for career vacancies. The subsequent matching process and selection methods determine the success of the appointment.

Our consultants are experienced specialists who are extremely competent in the use of such processes and methods, and will help you choose the most suitable tools to use. You as the customer benefit from our experience and expertise at every selection stage and with every process used, from pre-screening (application documents, an initial telephone check), the personal multimodal interview, obtaining references, tests and potential analyses,right through to panel interviews and assessment centres.

Let us support you so your personnel decisions can be made on a substantiated, objective and valid basis, thereby avoiding expensive wrong choices. This will not only make your recruitment process faster, but you will have made the right choice because your personnel decision was based on clear and accurate data.

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