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Assessment centre

Applicants and staff members under the microscope

An assessment centre (AC) is the ideal tool for companies to identify the strengths, weaknesses and potential of personnel, and to obtain in-depth information for the purpose of personnel selection and personnel development. Existing and future members of staff can be observed in precisely those company-specific situations which they will have to deal with in their professional life. 

TRESCON has been working with this selection and development tool for almost 40 years, making the company one of Austria's leading experts on this methodology today.

The content and challenges, process and duration are oriented on the goals set for the assessment centre – for example, are we looking at a decision on selection or a development project?

Our services include the following:

  • Determination of the goals to be achieved
  • Definition of the requirement specification
  • Design of process and exercises (individual and group work, discussions, role play exercises, case studies, tests, etc.)
  • Participant information
  • Selection and training of assessors
  • Support and facilitation up to and including decision making
  • Feedback to participants
  • Documentation of all results

We will develop a suitable concept based on your specific requirements. An experienced and competent TRESCON consultant will support you throughout the entire project.