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Panel interview

The assessment centre's "little brother"

To complete the selection process, several options for candidate evaluation are available. In addition to tests or assessment centres, a panel interview offers the opportunity to examine the technical and personal suitability of individuals within a set structure. As a consequence, personnel decisions are based on a solid foundation and enjoy a high level of acceptance.

We can carry out a panel interview for you, both as part of the overall personnel search and selection process, and as a final, standalone measure.

Apart from a classically structured panel interview, the selection process can also be enhanced and intensified – time permitting – through case studies, role play exercises, tests, samples of work, presentation of technical tasks to be prepared, etc. As a general rule, several service provider assessors (interview panel) participate, in order to build up a picture of the candidate from different perspectives. The assessment and evaluation of candidates is presented in a structured written form.

Our panel interview success factors:

  • Clarification of the reason for and goals of the panel interview together with determination of customer expectations (requirements and selection criteria) of the candidate specifications
  • Creation of a panel interview process tailored individually to the customer
  • Organisation and communication with candidates
  • Briefing of the interview panel, facilitating the panel interview and the subsequent decision making process
  • Professional process with little internal call on resources, tested in practical cases

Experienced TRESCON consultants support you with their technical and methodological competence in order to help you identify the candidate that best meets your requirements. Would you like to know more about this selection tool?

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