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Tests and potential analyses

Important and objective information for personnel decisions

Psychometric tools are highly prognostic and offer valuable assistance when selecting managerial and specialist personnel.

When selecting personnel, we do not rely solely on structured multimodal interviews; we also use high quality and scientifically based tests and potential analyses that have been specifically developed for professional contexts:

  • Personality tests to establish position-relevant personal characteristics and success criteria
  • Intelligence and performance tests to assess cognitive ability
  • Samples of work to demonstrate specific technical ability (knowledge of IT, languages, etc.)

Depending on the position and its specification, we can put together a selection of relevant aptitude tests to aid the decision making process. The use of such tools substantially increases the overall validity of the selection process. Benefit from our extensive experience gained over many years in the implementation, assessment and interpretation of psychometric and other aptitude tests, and so gain greater assurance when selecting staff suitable for your business.

We are happy to advise you which test methodology is the most appropriate for your requirements.

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