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An important search channel for the TRESCON 4-S method

Headhunting (executive search) involves searching for managerial and specialist personnel through in-depth research into relevant target companies and personnel, and contacting competent individuals personally. This way we also identify potential candidates who cannot be reached by advertising, databases, business networks or the internet.

The methodology behind headhunting is different to the frequently used "direct approach", which represents a "headhunting lite" of sorts – in our 4-S method, these are steps 2 and 3 (active sourcing). 

Headhunting is often mentioned in the same breath as "poaching" of personnel – therefore let us say something upfront: we understand headhunting as direct marketing. In other words it is an important method of directly approaching potential customers, just as when selling products or services. As a professional and reputable personnel consultancy, we put clear water between ourselves and those who aggressively poach staff or make untrustworthy promises. In addition, there are clear statutory conditions with which we must comply.

The TRESCON consultant works with the client to put the finishing touches to the potential candidate profile. The result is a clear personnel specification oriented on the future which the TRESCON consultant discusses internally with the search specialist.

The Search Team researches potentially interesting companies with regard to the role in question and other criteria (such as sector, subject matter, region). The list of target companies derived from this is agreed with the client.

This highly sensitive phase of the headhunting process requires absolute professionalism, discretion and an intuitive touch.

During a brief initial telephone conversation, we clarify whether the individual is interested in knowing more and is fundamentally ready for a change. Where that is the case, further communication outside the current working environment is arranged.

This information only concerns individuals who are genuinely interested and have expressly given us permission to pass on such information – we ensure absolute discretion.

Our seamless documentation of all steps, activities and information gained ensures that all stages of the process can be traced later.

TRESCON staff engaged in headhunting are specialised in this method of search and work closely with the consultants and the Sourcing Team.

Do you want to strengthen your professional team? Then let us "go hunting" for you!