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We make your company more successful

Nearly 40 years of TRESCON group's experience in personnel search and personnel selection, and at the same time in business consulting, are our basis for satisfied and successful customers.

Different lines of business face different challenges. Knowledge about where to find suitable candidates specifically for your company and how these like to be addressed is decisive for the search process. Via our active sourcing team and by means of professional headhunting, TRESCON provides your company with the necessary leading edge in the personnel search!

Also, in personnel selection we proceed with a specific focus on your line of business and the respective position. In the case of personal interviews with our experienced consultants we guarantee you methods competence to identify specifically those candidates who match your corporate culture.

Satisfied customers internationally treasure above all the professionalism, reliability and long-term cooperation in successful appointments of key positions.


Mechanical engineering and the automotive industry are traditionally the economic motor in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Due to their performance in the areas of research, technology and development, as well as in environmental protection, these industries significantly boost the quality of life.

Digitization and Industry 4.0, Big Data or Innovation - These topics are ubiquitous and are driving engines in our daily work environment. Companies face the challenge of adapting rapidly to market changes. But the priority of any business must be being ahead in its industry.

High-qualified experts form the financial and legal areas and services are still in a great demand in the commercial area. The demand for such employees who can speak foreign languages is closely related to an influx of new investors.

The consumer goods and retail industry must respond to ever increasing expectations. Consumer behaviour becoming increasingly difficult to predict, big data and the balance between online and traditional retailing.

As a historically agrarian country, Czech republic and Slovakia has undergone a significant transformation from agricultural to industrial production over the last few decades. Due to this phenomena both agricultural companies and producers and sellers of machinery and technologies are experiencing a lack of labour force.