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As a historically agrarian countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have undergone a significant transformation from agricultural to industrial production over the last few decades. From the point of view of employment, the basis of the Slovak and Czech economy has long been formed mainly by the automotive and electrical engineering industries, and it has gradually become less attractive to work in agriculture. The fact is that, currently, the average age of employees in agriculture has considerably increased. At the same time, the number of school graduates and universities focusing on such an area is also decreasing.

Both agricultural companies and producers and sellers of machinery and technologies are experiencing a lack of labour force. However, qualified workers - both graduates or those with long-term experience - have a great future outlook. Operation of increasingly more sophisticated machinery and equipment namely requires knowledgeable experts.

TRESCON has long-term experience in seeking persons for managerial and business positions as well as for specialist positions in the agribusiness.

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