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Energetics and Electrotechnics

Major industries in the Czech and Slovak Republic are energetic and electrotechnical industries. The electrotechnical industry is a sector that manufactures electrical appliances, such as electrical apparatus and equipment. In the Czech and Slovak Republic, this sector started to develop at the end of the 19th century. Energetics in this region is constituted by production, consumption, import and export of energy and electricity.

Digitization and Industry 4.0, Big Data or Innovation - These topics are ubiquitous and are driving engines in our daily work environment. Companies face the challenge of adapting rapidly to market changes. But the priority of any business must be being ahead in its industry. Our experiences in recruiting guarantee that we find the right employees!

Computer language is the mother tongue of our staff in the research team. Knowledge, constant search for improvements in this sector and the use of modern recruiting and personnel search programs are the basis for us to be able to find and properly address employees in this industry.

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