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Industry, Mechanical Engineering & Automotive

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Mechanical engineering and the automotive industry are traditionally the economic motor in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. These industries still remain key pillars of both economies. Due to their performance in the areas of research, technology and development, as well as in environmental protection, these industries additionally significantly boost the quality of locations in Slovakia and Czech Republic and constitute important pillars for the quality of life.

International competition, changes in technology, as well as fundamental changes in the global division of the labour force, has forced domestic industry to perform structural adaptation processes and allow the accelerating disappearance of traditional boundaries between the manufacturing and tertiary sectors. Terms such as “Industry 4.0”, “Robotic”, “Big Data” or “Disruption” invoke challenges the industry already has to deal with offensively, and in the future it must do so with even more vigour. Nevertheless, one of the most limiting factors is the lack of workforce.

At TRESCON we are actively dealing with these changes and the resulting new requirements for skilled personnel and management in the future. Knowledge about these changes and the know-how of the processes make us the right partner for personnel search and personnel selection in industry.

Satisfied customers in Slovakia and Czech Republic and internationally treasure above all the professionalism, reliability and long-term cooperation in successful appointments of key positions.

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