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Recruitment consulting with advanced tools

Does this situation sound familiar to you? A senior member of the management team is leaving your company at the same time as a long standing employee from one of your foreign subsidiaries goes into retirement. You are unable to fill the posts internally, so you need to recruit from outside the organisation. Unfortunately, candidates of the right calibre for these key positions are hard to find. There are not enough applicants, and those who do apply fail to make the grade both in terms of their qualifications and experience. The board or management are concerned and expect human resources to offer a swift solution…

Our services can support you and your business in several important ways – some of which may avoid these difficulties arising in the first place.

By jointly drafting an ideal profile of requirements, applying advanced IT solutions in the candidate search (Active Sourcing) and professional headhunting, we are able to find potential candidates for you. With the help of IT-based potential analysis and aptitude test and the use of multimodal interviews conducted by our experienced consultants, we identify suitable managers or specialists for your company. 

To prevent management dissatisfaction during future staffing shortages, we can assist you through our  "Recruitment process outsourcing", enabling you to process individual aspects of your recruiting processes via TRESCON.

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