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Executive search

The search for managers and specialists who will be able to find their feet in their new positions requires understanding of the corporate reality, expectations and needs of a particular company, as well as knowledge of the market.

One of the methods of searching for candidates for such key positions is a direct-approach process, so-called headhunting, which involves:

  • intensive research focused on relevant target companies from the area in which the client performs their business activities;
  • identifying experienced managers and specialists in such companies and confidentially approaching them; and meeting them face to face and motivating them to make a career change.



It is our recommendation to select headhunting as a specific and targeted selection method particularly with regard to managerial and qualified specialist positions.

Our consultants and researchers specialize in directly approaching candidates. They know the labour market and are very discreet when communicating with both their clients and candidates. This allows us to guarantee that your reputation will be maintained in the market while, simultaneously, we can introduce you to such candidates who best meet all the demanding and detailed requirements for the positions to be occupied.