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Greenfield and Start up Service

Are you planning to establish a new branch in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia? High-quality and loyal staff are a key to the long-term success of every company. We will help you save your time and costs both when looking for and selecting management for a newly-established company and when forming a work team.

Our support starts right when you make a decision about accepting an investment. Our services include:

  • support in looking for a suitable location;
  • establishing a company, including intermediation of legal services and tax advisory services;
  • defining the positions of key employees;
  • analysing work positions, including preparation of profiles of suitable employees and their duties (support in creation of an organizational structure and a competence model);
  • recruitment; if necessary, establishing a Trescon branch at the project implementation location;
  • support in incorporating a new team in the corporate culture of the parent company (onboarding, later support in the area of talent management and development of key workers)

Since our establishment we have helped build various companies which have thrived in the long run. 

We provide our services in the Slovak, English and German languages.